Generations of building kiwifruit orchards 幾代人建立獼猴桃果園

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Generations of building kiwifruit orchards (介紹一家新西蘭的獼猴桃種植企業(yè),需要請和他們直接聯(lián)系)
We’re a family-owned operation that’s been planting, growing and exporting kiwifruit for more than 40 years. Chris Dunstan planted his first kiwifruit orchard in 1977, and over the next three decades he, his wife Shirley and sons Russell and Andrew have established a string of successful orchards. The Dunstan family remain deeply involved in the day-to-day operation of the business with Andrew heading it up, while Russell and Chris oversee key parts of it. They're part of a strong team of skilled professionals with a wealth of kiwifruit experience and today Southern Cross Horticulture is one of New Zealand’s most successful orchard developers and producers of SunGold kiwifruit.




Golden kiwifruit

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A unique business model, Liberty Orchard Developed By Southern Cross Horticulture in Bay of Plenty
Invest alongside us and our experience



Golden Kiwi seedlings

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We like to think we get great results thanks to our decades of experience, our commitment to innovation, and our unique vertically-integrated business model. The orchards we design, build and manage crop faster and produce bigger yields than the industry averages. Because we believe in doing a job right, they’re built to stand the test of time, which also makes them more cost-effective in the long-run. Our team has industry-leading expertise in everything from bare land procurement to orchard development to finance and audit to health and safety. When you invest alongside us you benefit from this expertise and, unlike a kiwifruit fund, you become a direct part-owner with us of a specific orchard. We typically invest up to 25% of the required equity, so we have plenty of skin in the game.

Kiwi packaging

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我們喜歡認為,由于我們數十年的經(jīng)驗、我們對創(chuàng )新的承諾以及我們獨特的垂直整合商業(yè)模式,我們取得了巨大的成果。我們設計、建造和管理的果園種植速度更快,產(chǎn)量高于行業(yè)平均水平。因為我們相信把工作做好,所以它們是經(jīng)得起時(shí)間考驗的,這也使它們從長(cháng)遠來(lái)看更具成本效益。我們的團隊在從裸地采購到果園開(kāi)發(fā)、財務(wù)和審計到健康和安全的各個(gè)方面都擁有行業(yè)領(lǐng)先的專(zhuān)業(yè)知識。當您與我們一起投資時(shí),您將受益于此專(zhuān)業(yè)知識,并且與獼猴桃基金不同,您將成為我們特定果園的直接部分所有者。我們通常投資所需股本的25%,因此我們在游戲中有足夠的機會(huì )。



We’re looking for a long-term partnership
We’re in the kiwifruit industry for the long-haul, but we’re not trying to go it alone. We welcome long-term co-investors who share our values and identify with our mission to create the best kiwifruit orchards in the world, because this helps us develop more orchards, faster, and meet the world’s growing appetite for kiwifruit.

Kiwifruit packaging

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我們長(cháng)期從事獼猴桃產(chǎn)業(yè),但我們并不想單干。我們歡迎長(cháng)期合作投資者,他們分享我們的價(jià)值觀(guān),認同我們創(chuàng )建世界上最好的獼猴桃果園的使命,因為這有助于我們更快地開(kāi)發(fā)更多的果園,滿(mǎn)足世界對獼猴桃日益增長(cháng)的需求。



How we proactively manage risk
Our risk management starts with our unique vertically-integrated model for orchard development and management. That means we handle every part of the process so we can be highly selective about who we hire to help us. That goes for our team of over 100 specialists as well as carefully chosen trusted contractors, meaning we can ensure performance is up to our high standards.

Kiwi sapling

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Our end-to-end process is also key for risk management. That starts with land selection, and with literally decades of experience we have an in-depth understanding of the types of land that create high-quality orchards. It includes orchard planning and construction, optimising design to each individual site. And it includes our nurseries that grow the plants we use in a controlled, scientific environment, and our hands-on establishment and management of the orchards.



我們的端到端流程也是風(fēng)險管理的關(guān)鍵。這從土地選擇開(kāi)始,憑借幾十年的經(jīng)驗,我們對創(chuàng )建高質(zhì)量果園的土地類(lèi)型有了深入的了解。它包括果園規劃和建設,優(yōu)化每個(gè)場(chǎng)地的設計。它包括我們在受控的科學(xué)環(huán)境中種植植物的苗圃,以及我們親自建立和管理果園。

We produce first crops significantly faster than the industry average, which also reduces risk by delivering a faster return on your investment.




Of course, in agriculture there are always some risks outside your control and it's important to us that investors understand them. They include disease and pests like Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, regulatory changes like review of the chemicals used on orchards, the effects of COVID-19, weather events, and geopolitics. We work hard to manage controllable risk and with our decades of experience, including steering our business successfully through the PSA crisis, we think you’re in pretty safe hands.

Red kiwi fruit

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Golden kiwifruit

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Kiwi pollen

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Yellow kiwi orchard

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Kiwi pollination

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